Monday, February 9, 2009

It's been a while.

I feel kinda bad because I haven't been able to keep up with my blog. The last time I made an entry was about two weeks ago, but a lot has happened since then.

First and foremost I got promoted to meat department at work, which is the highest paid department in the store. For now I will only be the entry level position which consists of making sure the cold cases are always stocked and rotated properly. It doesn't seem glamorous, but if I prove myself then after a year I will be trained as a journeyman meat cutter which make 25 dollars an hour. That's put a lot of things in perspective for me. That kind of money is enough to make a career out of - plus I have full benefits and a bunch of other perks as well. It isn't a dream job by any means, but if I look at it realistically, given the current state of the economy, it might be the best chance I get at making a living.
I've always wanted to be a journalist or a camera man or any job that would keep me traveling because I hate being idle in one place for too long. Some times it can get so bad that every great once and a while I will be driving home from work or school or a friends house and I will keep driving. Last time was in the middle of october. I had gotten off work at 10pm and was driving home, but I passed the offramp that led to my house and I kept driving all the way to bodega bay and sat on the beach for a few hours, before driving back to work at 4 for my opening shift at 7am.
Not quite sure what that had to do with anything, but oh well.
So yeah, I'm thinking of possibly putting college on hold right now and just focusing on my job. As is right now, I have no days off. I work tuesday and thursday thru sunday from 6am to 2:30pm and have school all day on monday and wednesday. It's been working out okay so far, but it sucks not having a life. Basically, if i want to function properly, I have to go to sleep at 8:30 every night of the week, otherwise i'm fucked the next day. That and my roommates aren't exactly conducive to me having a restful night sleep.
The good that has come of this is that I'm falling into a routine. Before the promotion, my work schedule was anywhere from shifts starting at 7 and ending at 4 or starting at 1 and ending at ten, so anything I wanted to do was basically day to day. I was always too lazy to clean my room or do the dishes, even if they weren't mine to do, or just do any general upkeep of the house. Now when I come home I'll take 30 minutes and just make sure everything that needs to be cleaned or picked up gets done, go to the gym, see my girlfriend if we both have time, make dinner, read or do homework, then go to sleep.
It's a much, much more busy and strict way of living, but honestly I find myself much less stressed and more positive feeling in general. It's amazing what a little organization can do.
Kind of going back to work, the only thing I don't like about my job is how friendly I have to be. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be a dick to the customers, but our expectations are such that you have to say hi and start a mini conversation with every person that walks by you or you make eye contact with. Sometimes I just want to be left alone to do my work, but here comes jaded granny asshole thinking we have better dates of milk in the dairy box and yells at us to get one for her, no matter how many times I tell her the dates out front are the sames as the one in the back. I have to talk so much at work that I don't really feel like talking anywhere else that isn't with friends or family. Like in class discussions, I have opinions and things I want to say generally, but I'm just too demotivated to really care to voice them. I really hope that doesn't make me seem pretentious, I just have to do so much talking that I value times when I can just sit and observe rather than participate. Aw shit, I think I just heard my grade plummet.
That's pretty much my goingoings since last post. Hopefully next time I can go on a rant about how much something sucks or how wonderful something is instead of boring people with my life.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing great.

So I've been sitting here for the past five minutes trying to come up with something deep to say or a meaningful topic to share my opinion on, but I'm just too tired for that level of thinking, so instead I'll write about my day. Fun eh?

So this morning I get woken up at 5 by my roommate asking me if he can borrow my car, but unfortunately for him I had work at 7 and had to be up in an hour. I couldn't get back to sleep after that even though I had an hour left to do so, so I ended up getting up and going to work early. My car was completely fucked over by ice. The doors were frozen shut and the inside and outside of my windshield was completely frozen, so I had to take a hot sponge to thaw it. On the way I decided to stop by Starbucks. There's a girl who I see almost every time I have opening shift and she ended up giving me a free coffee which was nice.

I punched in 7 minutes early because one of the slower workers had closed the night before and did a terrible job and there was a lot of catching up to do. So from 7-11 I proceeded to bust ass and get all of the morning and afternoon duties done so that by the time I went to lunch the 11-8 shift had pretty much nothing at all to do. When I came back I decided to back up check since everything was still perfect and ended up helping our grocery department build a few displays. I work at the Food4Less is cameron park for those that are curious.

Anyway, I got off at 4 and went straight to my girlfriend's house to have her birthday dinner with her and her parents. I'm happy to say that it's not longer awkward whenever I'm over there. It's always a pain in the ass to meet the parents because you have to try your hardest to make a good impression, and it was hard for me the first few times because a lot of my humor and personality is derived from sarcasm, but I didn't want to come across as an asshole so I kept my mouth shut for the most part and acted like a fine modern day gentleman. Then I learned that they were assholes too so it instantly became easier for us to get along haha. It was nice just being able to spend time relaxing with her. I work full time and go to school and she works part time and goes to school so we rarely ever have days to just hang out yanno? And when we do its usually just her spending the night over at my place. We're only able to see each other two or three times per week, but I think that works out just fine. In our case absence truly makes the heart grow fonder, because I know that I cherish the little amount of time we do get together.

So yeah, her mom made a delicious dinner which is a nice change of pace from my typical diet which mostly involves microwaved food, salads and chicken breast. She even gave me the left overs which I'm probably going to eat as soon as I get home. After dinner I laid on her bed with her just talking while she was doing her homework and when I started to fall asleep she leans over and whispers "I love you" in my ear. I pretended not to hear it and just layed there acting as though I were asleep. I wanted to say so many things to her, but instead I chose to stay silent for once and enjoy the moment. So after a while I got up and left which was the most arduous task of my day for two reasons:
1. I had to leave her
2. I had to drive home and freeze my ass off since my car doesn't have heat.

So now I'm at my friends house since our internet is down, laying on the couch typing this entry, wondering who, if anyone would've taken the time to read it all since it was pretty much nonsense. Maybe next time I'll write something a little more substantial, but I wouldn't count on it.